Thursday, February 27, 2014

Many Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

For many of us, the color and fragrance of a lemon bring to mind freshness and vitality. While the uses of lemon and lemon juice are countless and varied, perhaps the strongest effect Lemon Essential Oil has to offer is that of lifting our spirits, particularly when we face mental fatigue.

Lemon oil helps the body face physical and psychological weariness, most strongly influencing the mind by supporting concentration and the ability to memorize. In Japan, a test showed a 54% decrease in typing mistakes when lemon oil was diffused into an office area.

Lemon Essential Oil is a powerful antiseptic. Not only has it been used to clean contaminated surfaces, such as a butcher's cutting block, but it has a powerful antibacterial and antiviral effects attributable to its limonene content.

Lemon Essential Oil also contains antifungal compounds. Some people have even used lemon to disinfect questionable drinking water. Because of its vitamin content, Lemon Essential Oil offers strong support to the immune system.

Rather than exhibit an extreme acidic quality, Lemon Essential Oil works as an excellent stabilizer of the body's acidity - alkalinity content. And its astringent qualities make lemon oil useful in the home for many conditions, including insect bites, fever and skin conditions.

Nature's Sunshine 100% Pure Lemon Essential Oil is certified organic and is cold-pressed from lemon rind.

Extracting this precious substance from the lemon peel is costly and time consuming. The peels of about 1,500 lemons are required to produce one pound of lemon oil. In our competitive market, some companies may be tempted to add synthetic ingredients to their lemon oil, such as those created to approximate a lemon scent in commercial detergents and soaps.

Make the decision to get rid of those chemical countertop disinfectants and use something safe and non-toxic that also keeps bugs at bay.

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