Why Membership?

Membership gives you a Nature's Sunshine account number so you can order 600+ quality guaranteed products at direct cost prices (30-45% off retail prices).  No auto-ships, auto-billing and no gimmicks.  You control what you want done through your account.  Check out the products now!

Membership is FREE with an initial $40 or more order.  No minimum order required after that.  Your account will expire in a year if you do not renew it.

RENEWAL is FREE!  There is no fee to renew, you just have to place another $40 or more order and instruct them that you want your account renewed.

Anybody that orders over 100 QV (QV is a value assigned to each product, usually the same as the direct cost price on most products) is eligible for a rebate check mailed to you the middle of the following month of purchase.  Real cash!

Many members gather up orders from friends, family and co-workers so they earn enough rebates to pay for their own supplement program.  You can even drop-ship orders to those out of town.  Your order always has the freshest product since it ships from 1 of 4 Nature's Sunshine warehouses.  If you place your order before noon warehouse time, it will ship the same day.  Warehouses are in Ohio, Dallas, Atlanta and Utah.

Want FREE SHIPPING?  You might want to consider the Sunshine Rewards Program.  You get free shipping and rebates by placing a 100 QV order each month.  This is an optional program.  You need to sign up for it.

Begin your Nature's Sunshine experience now ....