Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Looking for a few unique and healthful holiday gift ideas?  How about these

Nature's Sunshine Gift Ideas

Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oils — These traditional gifts are traced back to gifts the Magi presented to the Christ child. Frankincense is soothing, centering and elevating and may possess other beneficial healing properties. Myrrh is centering and peaceful and has been associated with strength and endurance.

Boomerang Air and Surface Sanitizer — Give your family the gift of clean air and fewer germs this holiday! The Boomerang uses nano-sized metal catalysts and ultraviolet light to neutralize and kill airborne pathogens and aero allergens. It also helps break down odors fast. Great for the office too!

Health for the holidays? There are 10 System Packs that support health in each system of the body. No matter who it is, it's a good chance that one of these System Packs will be exactly what they need to start of the New Year off a little bit healthier.

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Tei Fu Essential Oils — A unique blend of menthol, wintergreen, camphor and other essential oils to invigorate the mind, stimulate the respiratory system (wake up the sinuses) and enhance mood. Some people even use it to help repel insects!

Peppermint Oil — Freshen your breath anytime with this trusted digestive aid. A little goes a VERY long way.

Sunshine Brite Toothpaste — Kids love the taste of this all-natural, fluoride-free toothpaste!

Xylitol Gum — These breath-savers are good for your teeth! Xylitol helps deter bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Choose from four gum flavors.

Vitamin D3 — Give this immune-system and bone-health supporter to anyone who needs a little reminder to take care of him/herself. 2,000 IU per tablet. For kids, also see Sunshine Heroes Calcium Plus D3

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