Monday, March 24, 2014

Product Focus: Keep Cool Flower Essence

Keep Cool (Vented Anger Formula) (2 fl oz)Keep Cool Uses

• Helpful for people who feel irritated, impatient and easily lose their temper
• Promotes forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance of others, and open, loving communication
• Helps a person be more receptive to other people's points of view and work for cooperation rather than competition

Keep Cool Ingredients

Calendula - helps one become aware of how their words wound others, promotes warmth and receptivity in communication
Snapdragon - overcomes verbal aggression, promotes balanced communication
Impatiens - relieves irritability and impatience
Vine - helps those who are domineering and controlling
Willow - helps to overcome bitterness and resentment, to be flexible and forgive others
Holly - for those who feel jealous and cut off from love, helps open one's heart to feeling love
Tiger Lily - softens aggressive and competitive personalities

Where To Purchase
Ben's Herbs Place offers Nature's Sunshine Flower Essences

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