Friday, November 29, 2013

Rapid Relief for Holiday Feasting Indigestion

Digestive Enzymes: Rapid Relief for Indigestion from Holiday Feasting
by Steven Horne

Oh, the joys of Thanksgiving dinner. Many of us look forward to this day of feasting with mouth-watering anticipation, but unfortunately, a lot of us get carried away and eat more than we should. The result is sleepiness and indigestion. (The TV show Mythbusters just proved it isn’t the tryptophan in the turkey that makes you sleepy, it’s overeating.)

So, if you overindulge, it’s time to break out the enzyme supplements. Enzymes, along with hydrochloric acid and bile salts, are the catalysts that break food down into usable components. Without them, food just rots in the digestive tract, producing acid irritation, belching, bloating and gas. Poor digestion also contributes to toxicity in the body and compromised immunity, not to mention bad breath and body odor.

Unfortunately, many people reach for antacids to settle their holiday indigestion. In fact, many people regularly use antacids to treat their indigestion. This just makes the problem worse because it neutralizes the stomach acid necessary to break down food. Most of these people would be much better off taking digestive enzyme supplements.

Enzyme supplements aren’t just for holidays and overeating. They have numerous other benefits. Read the entire article.

More information on Food Enzymes.

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