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Amazing Black Friday Specials - Up To 33% OFF - 11/29 - 12/2/13

Nature's Sunshine Products

Don't get lost in the holi-daze. Prepare now with spectacular savings up to 33% off on all five Solstic products, plus other favorites. Order Nov. 29-Dec. 2 only.

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Solstic packets go wherever you go!
Solstic Cardio
Give your circulatory system a boost! Solstic Cardio provides 5 grams of l-arginine plus minerals, amino acids and other nutrients to help support cardiovascular health, sexual function, immune function and to boost energy levels. Key ingredients include l-citrulline, resveratrol (antioxidant support), vitamin K2, vitamin D3 and pomegranate.

Solstic Twenty-Four
Get the nutrition your body needs 24 hours a day in a convenient and tasty stick packet! Solstic Twenty-Four combines 100% of the Daily Value of 13 vitamins plus healthful amounts of calcium, magnesium and zinc. These nutrients-including vitamin D3 and B vitamins-provide energy and support immunity and overall health.

Solstic Energy
Get up and go with Solstic Energy. This sugar-free mix features guarana, green tea and B vitamins to help energize the body, reduce fatigue, increase focus and support metabolism. Guarana and green tea provide natural sources of caffeine.

Solstic Revive
Exercise, stress, exertion and dehydration all necessitate recovery. And key nutrients can help in this vital process. Solstic Revive provides electrolytes, glucosamine, l-carnitine, B vitamins and d-ribose to replace nutrients that you may have lost. Revive supports joint health and function, helps facilitate muscle repair, reduces fatigue and nourishes the nervous system.

Solstic Immune
Drink down immune support this winter with the power of Solstic Immune. Featuring elderberry extract, echinacea, vitamin D3, arabinogalactan, Korean ginseng, vitamin C and zinc, this powder blend mixes with water to provide a powerful blend of immune system support.

Ionic Minerals w/Acai
Your body is a bit like a giant battery, with electrical charges powering all kinds of vital reactions to maintain health. Power it with Ionic Minerals! This formula supplies 70 charged trace minerals that are easily and quickly absorbed into the cells lining the intestinal tract and which support the circulatory and immune systems. Ionic minerals are used in a variety of body functions, including nutrient transport, enzyme reactions, metabolism support and immune system support. Ionic minerals also help foster a healthy pH balance. Also contains fulvic acid and acai berry concentrate (provides unique antioxidants and other beneficial compounds).

E-Tea is a unique formula designed to support immunity. It's patterned after the famous Essiac tea, created by Rene Caisse decades ago. Herbs in E-Tea help to detoxify the body. It features sheep sorrel, burdock, turkey rhubarb and slippery elm for their laxative, cleansing, immuno-supportive, soothing and drawing benefits. E-Tea capsules are much easier to take than the traditional Essiac tea preparation.

This time-honored formula supports normal intestinal health and function as it helps to clear the bowel of toxic waste. LBS II works gently to support lower bowel health and encourage proper digestion. Key herbs include cascara sagrada, buckthorn bark, Oregon grape root, turkey rhubarb, couch grass and licorice root.

Promo. No. Special Offer Direct Cost Sugg. Retail
17765-0 Solstic Cardio (30 stick packets) $40.75 $76.15
17773-0 Solstic Twenty-Four (30 stick packets) $20.90 $46.35
17767-6 Solstic Energy (30 stick packets) $20.90 $46.35
17771-7 Solstic Revive (30 stick packets) $23.95 $50.95
17769-2 Solstic Immune (30 stick packets) $20.90 $46.35
17759-1 Ionic Minerals w/Acai (32 fl. oz.) $20.00 $39.40
17757-7 E-Tea (100 capsules) $16.00 $31.90
17763-3 LBS II (100 capsules) $8.00 $19.45

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Bottle Size Maximum quantity per order
32 fl. oz. 12
16 fl. oz. 24

Although inventories have been increased for this promotion, NSP reserves the right to discontinue any product sales due to exceedingly high demand and/or manufacturing constraints. Discounted products may not be combined with any other offer, discount or certificate. Offer valid in the U.S. only.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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