Thursday, March 28, 2013

Human Feeding Experiment and New Diseases

From Green Med Info

In Kansas, for instance, an experimental 3200 acres of GMO rice have been planted with inserted DNA from human organs.

GMO's were approved in the US without undergoing long term tests to determine if they were safe for human consumption. The rats that were fed GMO food didn't do too well; they either died, or lived with horrible distended intestines and misery. Yet, due to the lack of required labeling, Americans do not know if they are consuming GMO foods in a meal. Regardless of public outcry, the labeling of GMO's is not required.

A subset of GMO foods are called Transgenic foods. Some researchers are suggesting that the rise in autism is due to Transgenic foods. The introduction of GMOs into the food chain has now been correlated with an alarming rise in chronic diseases and food allergies.

A growing body of evidence has shown GMOs may cause mysterious allergies, immune reactions, liver problems, sterility, and an alarming rise in severe chronic disease. New diseases of unknown causes are sprouting up all over the world. Why? Read the entire article.

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