Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Protect Brain From Aging with Plant Polyphenols

Aging is only second to obesity as a health concern of global proportions. Aging is essentially the diminished capacity of our internal systems to repair themselves which correlates with the number of years we count.

How does aging relate to brain and mental abilities? Aging and stress reduce the rate of production of new brain cells. For a long time, it was thought that brain cells are “terminally” developed and differentiated and lose the ability to divide and produce new brain cells.

This view is challenged by evidence that two areas of the brain are capable of cell division and they continue to produce new brain cells in the adult brain as well. One of these areas is a part of the hippocampus, the organ associated with memory and the other is a part of the lower brain.

Aging, stress, life-changing trauma and substance abuse are factors that have a negative impact on these areas of the brain. These external insults cause a reduction in the rate of regeneration of brain cells as well as reduce the capability of nerve cells to form new connections with other cells.

The net result of these processes is a reduction in cognitive and behavioral abilities. Read the entire article for food suggestions that help.

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