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Silver Shield Gel & Sinus Support Sale - 10/7 - 10/13/13

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Silver Shield Gel
Silver Shield Gel is made using the patented Aqua Sol Technology. Contains 24 ppm of pure, bioavailable silver. It's alcohol-free and safe for children.

Sinus Support EF
One of our most popular herbal formulas, Sinus Support EF features a blend of carefully selected herbs to support the health and function of the sinuses and nasal tissues. Synephrine from immature orange peel has properties somewhat similar to the alkaloid ephedrine in providing respiratory support, but it has a milder action in the body. Other beneficial ingredients include capsicum fruit, burdock root, goldenseal root, horehound herb and more.

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Offer ends Sunday, October 13th!

Promo. No. Special Offer Direct Cost Sugg. Retail
Silver Shield Gel (3 fl. oz.)
14211-6 $2 off $14.25 $24.40
17666-4 Buy 5, get 1 FREE $81.25 $146.40
17668-5 Buy 9, get 2 FREE $146.25 $268.40
Sinus Support EF (100 caps)
16694-0 $2 off $13.50 $23.25
17669-8 Buy 5, get 1 FREE $77.50 $139.50
17671-1 Buy 9, get 2 FREE $139.50 $255.75

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