Thursday, February 9, 2012

Signs and Effects of Stress


The human brain retains a primitive memory that is programmed to cope with every stress in basically the same way as our ancestors coped with saber-toothed tigers.

Most of the time, your cells are occupied with renewal – roughly 90 percent of a cell’s energy normally goes to building new proteins and manufacturing new DNA and RNA. When the brain perceives threat, however, the process of building is set aside.

Whatever you decide to do in fight-or-flight situations, your body needs a massive burst of energy to propel your muscles. To allow this, the normal style of metabolism that builds the body, called anabolic metabolism, converts to its opposite, catabolic metabolism, which breaks down tissues.

Adrenalin launches a cascade of responses – blood pressure rises, muscles tense, breathing becomes shallow and rapid, sexual desire and hunger are suppressed, digestion stops, the brain becomes hyperalert and the senses uncannily clear. Read the entire article.

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